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«In Core Trade SRL»

«In Core Trade SRL», with a total capacity of 200 MW (5 MW each unit), is the first project of In Core Trade SRL in the wind power industry. The project is located on the 25 hectare of land in the village of Ivanovka, Hincesti district, Moldova. Construction beginning is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2020, and will last until the end of 2021. Equipment shall be manufactured by Lagerwey ( and operating since 2019 (upon its merger with) under brand name of Enercon GmbH, who shall be also acting as operator of maintenance services and project supervisor/advisor during the life of the Wind Farm. The implementation of this project is to support global environmental initiative and significaly improve the quality of life in the Moldova.

Energy of the future today

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It is expected that «In Core Trade SRL» will produce up to 400 million kWh of green electricity annually. This will help reduce CO2 emissions by more than 400 thousand tons per year.
«In Core Trade SRL» will have a significant environmental effect. Each year, the operation of the station will reduce emissions to the atmosphere by about 370 thousand tons of CO2.
This is the volume of emissions of 180 thousand cars per year

«The length of the blade is 55 m,
which is more than 9 cars
Tesla model S, lined up
in a line»

The capacity of modern wind farms doubles every three years. Renewable energy has become a part of our future.

The commissioning of «In Core Trade SRL» is a real contribution to Moldova's energy independence.

During the 20 years of operation our savings of energy resources are significant, compared to coal power plant which would require nearly 18.4 million tons of coal.

This amount of coal collected in one place, just to give an idea of the magnitude of this operation, would be the size of the mount Hoverla that is 2,061 m high.

«In Core Trade SRL», with a total production capacity of 200 MW/annum, consist team of 15 employees (all highly skilled in renewable energy field and having more than 15 years of working experience).

To get the same amount of electricity at thermal power plant in Moldova, it would need (on average) 12 times more (nearly 180) employees.

Company address:
MD-2009, Pantelemon Halippa street, 2, Chisinau, Moldova.
Phone: +373 (7) 995 34-32